Aero launches a new production line for the fuselage of L-39NG aircraft.

Czech aircraft company Aero has opened a new production line for manufacturing the fuselage of its L-39NG advanced military trainer aircraft.

The new assembly line is expected to manufacture up to 24 aircraft fuselage units every year.

Associated іпіtіаɩ production work at this new site has already commenced.

Once the work progresses to the second stage, the annual production capacity of Aero will further be іпсгeаѕed to 24 L-39NG aircraft.

Seven of the trainer jets are currently in different stages of production at this new site while another set of five aircraft is undergoing final assembly.

Aero executive vice-ргeѕіdeпt and chief industrial officer Jan Čáp said: “The investment we have made in building a completely new production line will allow us to gradually increase capacity and produce up to two L-39NG aircraft per month. We plan to reach production of 24 aircraft per year within two years.”

For the new site, Aero has also renovated the production area and upgraded the staff facilities. The new facility is expected to support around 100 different job roles.

“Every investment in increasing production capacity for new L-39NG jet trainer is another opportunity for Czech companies that have been involved with us in its production from the beginning.”

Aero Vodochody is responsible for delivering nearly 34 L-39NG aircraft ordered by different nations.

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