Creative suggestions for a lovely petite house featuring shades of pink

Forget the man cave, a woman cave is what you want. And there’s a big difference. Where the typical man cave is filled with many things, a woman cave is filled with whatever makes you happy. It doesn’t even have to be in the basement.

If you love all things pink and fluffy, that’s great. But feminine doesn’t mean frilly; there are many ways to create a woman cave you’ll want to spend much of your free time.


2.White cottage

3.Beach House


4.Nantucket Greenhouse

5.Highlander Garden Room

6.Yoga Studio

7.Tiny House


8.Framework for a Garden Retreat

9.Hexagon shed


10.Open Glass Cabin


11.Detached Garden Studio

12.She Shed

13.Modern design


14.Tiny Porch

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