Jimmy Butler Receives $250,000 Offer From Jake Paul For Bonkers Demand, He’s been rocking some pretty lengthy dreadlocks

There’s been a lot of talk about Jimmy Butler’s epic new hairstyle this offseason. He’s been rocking some pretty lengthy dreadlocks and you have to say that they look pretty dope. YouTube superstar Jake Paul definitely seems to think so.

Heat stud Tyler Herro recently guested on one of Paul’s segments, and their conversation somehow led to Butler’s eye-popping hairstyle. The reigning Sixth Man of the Year suggested that his Miami teammate should keep the dreads all season long. Paul was in total agreement. So much so, that he even offered to pay Jimmy a quarter of a million dollars just to do so:

“Yo, Jimmy,” Paul said. “I’ll pay you $250,000, Jimmy, if you rock that hair the whole season.”

Like Paul said, $250,000 may not be a very big amount for Butler, especially considering how he’s set to earn $37.7 million this coming season. Then again, this is Jimmy Butler we’re talking about here. Who could forget how he hustled his way inside the bubble by creating his Big Face Coffee brand? That’s picked up a lot of steam and it’s now become a legitimate source of income for the six-time All-Star.

It wouldn’t be surprising if he takes up Paul’s challenge here. It may be that he intends to keep the dreads anyway, so might as well make a bit of cash on the side while he’s at it, right?

Also, I will not be able to forgive myself if I conclude this article without commenting on Tyler Herro’s outfit. Out of this world would probably be a good way to describe his seemingly alien-themed get-up. What a guy.

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