The owner раѕѕed аwау in a car ассіdeпt, leaving the dog to wait for two years in teагѕ.

Although the owner passed away 2 years ago, the dog still resolutely waited for him at the right place where the traffic accident happened.

The dog’s owner is a man named Haris, 40 years old. He passed away on November 9, 2017 after a traffic accident. His car collided with a cement mixer truck on the Old Ring road (Greece) to the River Evinos.

The location of the accident was about 10km from his house. However, a special thing after this accident was that his dog refused to leave the owner’s accident site.

The dog expressed grief at the loss of its owner and every time they brought it to the new owner’s house, it tried to return to the old place.


Touched by this dog’s loyalty, the locals gave up trying to convince him to move to a new home.

Instead, they decided to make the Akita’s life more comfortable by building him a roadside shelter from the rain. They also regularly bring food and water to the dog.

People also often see it standing in the distance as if waiting for its owner to return.



This Akita dog is also known as the ‘Hachiko of Greece’, implying that it has the same loyalty as the famous Hachiko dog in Japan that has been waiting for its owner to return for 10 years at the station.

There was also a dog in Brazil that chased an ambulance and waited for its owner at the hospital gate for four months after he died of a stroke

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