The US Tops The List Of Countries With The Highest Number Of Military Aircraft, Outnumbering Russia By Three Times

According to a report by fɩіɡһt Global titled “World Air foгсe in 2022,” the United States is currently the global leader in terms of military aircraft, with a number three times greater than that of the second-ranked country, Russia.

According to the report, as of December 2021, there are a total of 53,271 military aircraft in operation around the world. The US ranks first in terms of military aircraft with 13,246 aircraft, accounting for 25%. It should be noted that the USA ranked first in every aspect either its fіɡһteг aircraft, transport aircraft, or helicopter.

Fleet size by country

Russia ranked second with 4,137 military aircraft, accounting for 8%. China ranked third with 3,285 aircraft, accounting for 6%. India ranked fourth with 2,182 aircraft, accounting for 4%. Ranked fifth is South Korea with 1,595 aircraft, accounting for 3%.

The next countries on the list are Japan (1,449 aircraft, accounting for 3%), Pakistan (1,387 aircraft, accounting for 2%), Egypt (1,062 aircraft, accounting for 2%), Turkey (1,057 aircraft). aircraft, accounting for 2%) and France (1,055 aircraft, accounting for 2%). The remaining countries have a total of 22,781 aircraft, accounting for 43%. In the ranking of the most popular fіɡһteг aircraft, the US continues to lead with F-16 aircraft, there are 2,248 different variant F-16 in use worldwide.

Russia’s Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30 fighters are second, with more than 1,000 in service. The third and fourth places belong to two American aircraft, F-15 and F-18, respectively. Fifth is the MiG-29 (Russia) while each from Europe and China is able to take place in this list with Eurofighter typhoon and J-7. In total, in the world, there are 14,713 combat aircraft in use. While 2010 special mission aircraft and 819 tanker service in the world.

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